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Growing Up - Whodini lyrics

Chorus (1)
Itís all just a part of growing up
Things are gonna be hard, but donít give up
Itís all just a part of growing up
And we like to wish you all the best of luck

Now growing up is a hell of a job
The pay is good but the work is hard
Sometimes you feel like you wanna quit
And thatís when you remember this

There aint nothing new, under the sun
Whatís you doing nowís already been done
Fifth period, I did the same as you
I used to play cards in my lunchroom too

Now I used to cut class hanging out in the hall
I tipped my hat to the side cold playin the wall
Because smoking in school was a against the rules
So I did not smoke and I still was cool

Now you get yours just like I got mine
wanna see you there at graduation time
Fight your battles, donít ever run
Cause you win some and then you lose some


(Ecstasy) Tell no more (?),(Jalil) Blind manís bluff

Thatís just what itís like when youíre growing up

These games I used to play as a kid
Describe exactly the way I lived

Run catch and kiss was a game I played
But losing you was a mistake that I made
I tried to have my cake and eat it too
I guess thatís why you did what you had to do

Sometimes, you got to be down and out
Before you can understand what itís all about
I guess really, to understand the story
You got to feel the pain as well as the glory

And now that the shoe is on the other foot
I really donít like the way that it looks

(Ecstasy and Jalil)
It took us a while but we understand now
That what comes around also goes around

Chorus (2)
Itís all just a part of growing up
Things are gonna be hard, but donít give up
Itís all just a part of growing up
When you get to the point when you get fed up


When I was 10, I used to say I was 12
When I turned 15 I was bad as hell
When I was18 I was hanging out freakiní
I was cool at 18 no longer a delinquent

I used to go to clubs with fake I.D.
Who you laughiní at you did the same as me
Sometimes theyíd let me in
Sometimes theyíd put me out
I guess thatís what growing up was all about

About phases and changes and re-arranges
Growing up these days is getting dangerous

Too many people taking not enough giving
Iím just an average man just trying to make a living

And I donít have to tell you that itís hard as hell
But this is my life and I live it well
And when I get fed up all I do is shout
ďI may be down but Iím not knocked out!Ē

Chorus (2)
Chorus (1)
Chorus (2)
Chorus (1)
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