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Orphan Annie - Norman Blake lyrics

RidinĎ them planes and hailing cabs been on the road so long
Lookiní for the sunshine everyday, Lord Iíve been searching so long
Two blocks over and one street across uptown round and down
Well there must be something just a hiding out somewhere someplace I ainít found

Annie, Orphan Annie, are Your Nashville nights still warm
somewhere to the west of town thereís cominí up a storm
is the river dark and muddy where the green swamp willows grow
Nine more days and Iíll be home back in from the road

Pickiní and a grinning just a playiní the game listen to what I say
I whish Iíse down I Nashville town on the Tenbrooks Way
On the Cumberland road where a soft breeze blows and home ainít far away
But here Iím sitting in New Yorck City just hanginí out every day
Back Home in Sulphur Springs album
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