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We're Not Over Yet - Clive Gregson lyrics

The way you sit right down and drown yourself in whisky

The way you make this empty room look such a mess

When you lie the way you always did, with no sign of regret

Then I know, we’re not over yet

The way you disappear at any sign of trouble
The way you show your face just as the coast is clear
When you use that same old line about the first time that we met
Then I know. We’re not over yet

Middle 8

I suppose that when I’m gone you’ll miss me

But I just wish you’d miss me once or twice while I’m around

The way you never keep your side of the bargain
The way you always think of no-one but yourself
And when you break all of your promises
And turn them into threats
Then I know, we’re not over yet

Instrumental over middle 8

The way you play this game by holding all the aces
The way you change the rules so you can always win
When you cash my cheques or steal my car or smoke my cigarettes
Then I know, we’re not over yet
Then I know, we’re not over yet
Mischief album
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