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Righteous Anger - Van Stephenson lyrics

You were the one who
said love is a trust
So were do you get off
turniní love into lust
Did you do it for pleasure,
did you do it for spite
I wanna know, Iíve got a right
Iím gonna find out the truth
Iím gonna hear it from you

There is a righteous anger
And my heart is in a rage
There is a righteous anger
And itís driviní me insane
Love is a dangerous game

Don't try to lie, word gets around
Feelin' the tire and itís
burniní me down
Is he a stranger or one of my friends
I wanna know who, why and when
Now is the time to confess
líIl never stop, líll never rest

Repeat chorus

Iíve heard a lot but
had all I can stand
What kinda fool do you
think that I am
You burn me with your fire
Then you hit me with your freeze
Ainít gonna listen ítil you're down on
your knees
Now is the time to confess
Righteous Anger album
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