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Waterbound - Dirk Powell lyrics

i went out on a lane one night
moon and the stars were shining bright
storm come up and the trees come down
tell your boys i was water bound

waterbound on a strangers' shore
river rising to my door
carried my home to the field below
waterbound nowhere to go

carve my name on an old barn wall
noone'd know i was there at all
stable's dry on a winter night
you turn your head you can see the night

black ant crawling on an old box car
it's a rusty door and fallen star
ain't got a dime in my nation sack
i'm waterbound and i can't get back

it's all gone and i won't be back
don't believe me count my tracks
river's long and the river's wide
i'll meet you boys on the other side

so say my name and don't forget
the water still ain't got me yet
nothing but i'm bound to roam
waterbound and i can't get home
Time Again album
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