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Voodoo - Vandenberg lyrics

She, she don't seem strange to me, I was in love and too blind to see, oh
She (she) warned me to treat her right (get that warning)
She wouldn't let no one hurt her inside, no

She is such a voodoo, she won't let me go - should have believed her before
She is such a voodoo, needles in a doll, everything's been my own fault

Still I see that look in her eyes (get that warning)
And she said she's sad with me or my life (tell me what you told her then)
When (when) I told her it's over (now it's over)
She just said "No (no), I won't let you go" (she'll never let you go)


When I tried to get away, suddenly everything hurts
She's got a way to make me stay, kind of a voodoo curse



She won't let me go (she), she won't let me go (she is such a voodoo)
It's my own fault!

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