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Sleep Together - Garbage lyrics

i got you crawling up a mountain
hanging round my neck
i got you twisted round my finger
crawling round my legs
the emptiness
the crazyness
satisfy the hungriness
darling, how would it feel?
if we sleep togheter
will you like me better
if we come togheter
we'll go down forever
if we sleep togheter
will i like you better
if we come togheter
prove it now or never
make me a pretty person
make me feel like i belong
make me hard and make me happy
make me beautiful
the emptiness, the crazyness
satisfy this hungriness
darling how would it feel?
if we sleep togheter
nothing satisfies me
if we sleep togheter
i wear something pretty baby
give me what i crave now baby
save the rest for late baby
you will drive me crazy baby
Version 2.0 album
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