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When I Grow Up - Garbage lyrics

i've been caught out, like giant, juggernaut
happy hours
golden showers, on a cruise to freak you out
we could fly a elicopter
nothing left to talk about
entertain you, celebrate you,
i'll be back to frame you
when i grow up, i'll be stable
when i grow up, i'll turn the tables
tryin hard to fit among you
floating out to wonderland
unprotected, god i'm pregnant
damn the consequences
when i grow up, i'll be stable
whe i grow up, i'll turn the tables
blood and blisters, on my fingers
chaos rules when we're apart
watch my temper i go mental, i'll try to be gentle
when i grow up...........
when i grow up.......
don't take offense
better make amends
rip it all to shreds and let it go
Version 2.0 album
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