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Hey Kind Friend - Indigo Girls lyrics

Hey kind friend don't know when I'll see you again on a ferry boat bound for
Victoria laying down to hide from the wind
Beg dipper hangin over the city you know everything now is different for me ain't no use in explainin the scenery
Hey kind friend won't you help me forget where I been
Help me remember who I am I was too late in Spokane
So I caught a ride through the Cascade range I saw the sun dying in Olympia running down on Capitol Lake
So I ask you for some relief and it's one true root that you bring to me 3am it's good company
Hey kind friend help me forget where I been Help me remember who I am
Hey kind friend I don't know when I'll see you again
It's OK friend So I'll meet you in New Orleans or I'll see you round cause
I don't know if it's worth coming down now I'm calling you from a gold rush town I'm OK friend
Shaming of the Sun album
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