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Fill It Up Again - Indigo Girls lyrics

Won't have you see me as your sad sack

Lost my something and I can't get it back

Or a kill on your trophy rack

I checked my schedule now my train is rolling down a track

Past the sadness of the salt flats

To the prospect of the land fat

Or just a lazy orange house cat

On the sofa where I'll be put up

You've been the hole in my sky, my shrinking water supply

Before my well runs dry

I'm going round round round the bend

Fill it up again

I'd like to say that it was clear to me

Love triangle geometry

But in the end it's still a mystery

The placement of affection and the disarray

I gathered up the courage that it took

Made that bed and took one last look

And you could hear the pages flapping in the wind blown

Book of my days, my days


One tank gone second thoughts are on my mind

What's this trip gonna cost me this time

The devil I know is starting to look awfully kind

But the new road is an old friend

Fill it up again

(refrain montage)
All That We Let In album
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