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Yield - Indigo Girls lyrics

I was downstairs in the greenroom
waiting for you to appear.
I said hello to your family,
I said hello to your friends,
I said hello to this situation
that never yields.

Now its easy for me to tell you
that my love for you is real.
I once stumbled on these feelings,
I once stumbled on these words,
something you'll never stumble on dear.

Oh you were so baroque,
all of those words,
just to tell me no.
And you were so softspoken
with all of the others
who said you weren't broken,
they just let you go.

When you're three days down the highway
and you're looking like I feel;
if it takes a lot to keep it going,
if it takes a lot to keep it real,
take sometime for yourself and
and learn to yield..
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