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Cedar Tree - Indigo Girls lyrics

Cedar Tree" is an Amy Ray song from 1991.
According to Chris, Amy said that she wrote this song after she took
a walk in Georgia with a guy who knew the history of the area. They
came across an old burnt out homestead with a well and a grove of
trees. Her friend said that the man who lived there planted a cedar
when his wife died...there were five trees.

Cedar Tree.

You dug a well, you dug it deep
For every wife you buried
You planted a cedar tree
The best, the best you ever had.

I stand where you stood
I stand for bad or good
And I am green and you are wood
The best, the best he ever had.

I'll dig a well, I'll dig it deep
And for my only love
I plant the cedar tree
The best, the best I'll ever have
Rites of Passage album
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