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No More - John Wesley Harding lyrics

Feel free to leave the tap on my phone
When i hear that click i know i'm not alone
Continue to read through all of my mail
My private life is up for sale
And i can't tell bad from good no more

I have been up where the devil don't go
And i have been down to the depths of below
And here is the book that i can't put aside
A story how i can't hide
That i can't tell up from down no more
No more no more
No more

The magic has failed, the moment has gone
It won't reappear at the wave of a wand
We walked a road that was paved with regret
And we ain't been nothing yet
And i can't tell you from me no more
No more no more
No more
Dynablob 2: It Happened Every Night [live] album
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