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Flying South - Hank Locklin lyrics

Winter's gone and summertime's a coming and where I am ain't where I wanna be

I can hear my southern home a calling and it's calling out the old wild goose and me

Flying flying south to Dixie Lord I been so lonesome and alone

Stayin' ain't no use because my heart's an old wild goose

And tomorrow I'll be flying south and home

[ brass ]

I've got kids and kin down in Kentucky I've got lots of aunts in Alabam

Mom's a waitin' down in Mississippi and my sist's in Carolina's honey land

Grandma and grandpa's down in Georgia and my Tootsie's back in Tennessee

There's a little part of southland in my heart

And honey in the south is where I wanna be

[ brass ]

Way back home in Nashville Tennessee

[ brass ]

With the Nashville Brass is where I wanna be
Once over Lightly album
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