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Sovrum - Frida lyrics

If you ever had the time
You would try to make it fine
If your promises were real
Then maybe love is what I'd feel
But you seem to be so sad
Like a fairytale gone bad
And I don't know what to say
But I can't keep playing games
I can't stay now, I can't stay now
Or walk away, or turn away
I can't stay now, I can't stay now
Or walk away, or turn away
So I stayed alone tonight
Hoping things might turn out right
Wonder if you feel the same
Maybe I'm as much to blame
I can't stay now...
As the candle burns away
I want you another day
Reading letters that you've sent
Well is it consciences you meant
If I stay with you tonight
Though I know It won't be right
If I turn the other way
There'll be nothing else to say
I can't stay now...
Djupa Andetag album
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