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Scum - Oi Polloi lyrics

Dealers selling smack that will ruin your brain

And bring you nothing but misery and pain

Teenage adicts dying - that's hardly very funny

But the dealers are laughing as they pocket the money


They'll screw up your body and they'll screw up your mind

But as long as they're making money they think that's fine

They just don't care as long as they gain

Folk dying of the aids outrage well that's just part of their game

There ain't nothing that they won't do

They want to make a junkie out of you

So when the dealers come your way

You've got to make them pay

Find the scum, bring them down

Run the dealers out of your town

Smack the pushers - Oi! Oi! Oi!

Smack the pushers - Get them boys!
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