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Nazi Scum - Oi Polloi lyrics

Standing outsides the primary school gates

With their leaflets stirring up race hate

Creeping round in the dead of night

Setting innocent people's houses alight

They stab and kill in radical attacks

Just how much more before ypu fight back?

Find them - Grind them - Grind them!!

Nazi scum - your time will come

A nazi rally planned for our town

But anti-fascists came from all around

Cleared the scum completely off the streets

Showed the fascists can and will be beat

And when they tryied to to gather in Hyde Park

Anti-fascists again made their mark

On the brainhead boneheads - Who they wasted

We must clear the streets of nazi scum

Make them safe again for everyone

No longer will we have to walk in fear

Of scum who have no place here

If we unite the battle can be won

Stop the problem before it's really begun

Find them - Grind them - Grind them!!

Nazi scum - your time will come
In Defense of Our Earth album
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