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Nobody's Diary - Yaz lyrics

i know i'll forget what i came here for,
my head was so full of things to say,
but as i open my lips all my words slip away
and anyway,
i can't believe you want to turn the page,
and move your life onto another stage,
you can change the chapter you can change the book,
but the story remains the same if you'd take a look.

for the times we've had i don't want to be - a page in your diary babe,
for the good, the bad i don't want to see - a page in your diary babe,
for the happy, the sad - i don't want to be another page in your diary.

perhaps if i held you i could win again,
i could take your hands we'd talk and maybe then -
that look in your eyes i always recognise,
would tell me everything is gonna be fine,
you're gonna be mine
for a long time...

(repeat above chorus
You and Me Both album
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