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Another Time - Sagittarius lyrics

Another time
You'll see my face when you're not looking
And run to me to blindly ask, What's on my mind?
Another time
You'll find me in a day and ask if you can stay and play along
Well another time has come and already gone
Another time
You're heart will sing the music that I'm hearing
And find a way to answer all the questions in my eyes
Another time
You'll lift your head and see a sky that beckons you to try your wings at last
But another time has come another time has passed
Another time
The words I'm saying now will lose there meaning
because by then we've shared a love but now I'm only dreaming
Another time
You'll be the moth who's found the light I've known
She's also found her death
But you'll understand another time
So I guess I'll save my breath
Another time
Present Tense album
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