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Ocean Blue - ABC lyrics

Well you took me home
And you took me back
But deep down inside
The feeling just died and I...
Couldn't see why

From indigo to royal blue
I travel far but no one will do
Anytime, anyplace
Every shape every face brings...
Memories of you

Blue to be blue To be blue... Ocean blue - Ocean Blue

Fair weather friends might drift away
When summer ends and skies burn grey
So I walk to the ocean -
Pilot these shores. Just...
Thinking of you

It's time we kissed the clouds goodbye
From now on in, it's strictly blue sky
Come rain and shine
The outlook is still fine... I'm
Thinking of you

Blue to be blue To be blue... Ocean blue - Ocean Blue

I stand at the head of the queue
There's mutiny's every crew
Wishin' and wonderin' 'bout you - Ocean blue
How to Be A...Zillionaire! album
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