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Stormrider - Iced Earth lyrics

As I travel through the astral plains
I see the break ahead
as though the sky has burst in flames
before the storm I dread
lightning breaks across the sky
blackish blue at night
riders ride on dismal clouds
I scream at heavens light

Storming demons travel through the night
the time is almost here
I lay in a jacket of steel
my scream no one hears

I can feel the storm approaching
the pain is its' reality
the death I breathe is in the air
I feel no more, no longer care

The trumpets sound as I break free
this vision I see just can't be me
what is this that I have done
why am I the chosen one

Fight on, grab on

Now the rider rides through the night
the time is almost here
as I lay wrapped in steel
my scream no one hears

Help me, through this hell inside
my life's my own, it's my pride
carry on my solid dream
save me from this horrid scream

Fight on, grab on
Alive in Athens album
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