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C.B.F. - Nevermore lyrics

Blank, their state of mind
The apathy they find leads them into nothing
Rotting away, another lost sight today
Swallowed into the nothing again

Killing yourself, killing your will to be
But you don't give a damn
Just numb the pain

The tightrope now is tread
Ambition lying dead, lost in the fire so numbing
Numbing decay sucks your will of life away
Lost in decay you number your days

Swallow the fire, breathe in the black
Just one more hit could kill
Fulfill the death wish in you
Swallow the fire, breathe in the black
Another life is wasted, another death is tasted

If all the words I've said
Could get inside your head
Numb to the world of daylight
Kill the decay, usher in the light of day
Free from the fire you're finding your way

And if you choose to live this way
I'll count the days 'til you're gone
And if you choose to live this way
I'll shed no tears when you're gone
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