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Who Decides - Nevermore lyrics

And so we meet again, the dirt on our feet but then
Who knows who really decides?
In this spacial oddity, this viral commodity
The astronaut listens to voices that call
Won't you follow me down?
Breathe, as you suffer with existence

Rags and ruin of all that was human
Leaching the force of collective design
Heroes and rapists they all have nice faces
But who decides, who defines, who draws all the lines?

In this wasted miracle, the outcome so terminal
Why do we waste time on hope?
In perfect execution, liquid and lucid
Born in the astromaut's eyes
Of hate, loathing, wonder, and fear
Breathe as you suffer in denial

The lover and the blind man they sing their song
The pleasured and the pained pray their sins are gone
They can't reach heaven, the truth's brutal lesson
Forgive yourself, for no one else will die for your crimes
But who decides, who decides?
Enemies of Reality album
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