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Poison Godmachine - Nevermore lyrics

The media machine knows what to do
It knows how to feed the poison to you
Useless information for your useless little lives
The tv lies and pacifies

Do you believe everything you see?
Children of the void come follow me
Denounce your faith and penance the savior is unseen
I am the new drug, your poison godmachine....poison

Poison godmachine

Poison is a word, God is a word used for fear

solo J.L.
solo T.C.

In subtlety we obey through ink and broadcast wave
The doubts and fears that shadow media decay
Deprogram this affliction and the cathode ray unclean
I am the last nail, the empty soulless screen.....soulless

Poison godmachine

And we eat the poison, we created the poison godmachine
Dreaming Neon Black album
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