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Razor Eater - Yngwie Malmsteen lyrics

You're a being of the darkest descend
You don't belong anywhere
You're always hungry, but never content
All of your sins, you could never bear
Now you're feeling good
But you're really dead
And you're wearing make up and perfume
In the gallows you were hung
But now I see you walk instead

Razor eater
He'll never ever die
Razor eater
He'll never ever die

Well you kept your secrets
And locked them up
Then drained their blood
As you read your books
See the show and rink from your cup
And then hang your darlings
From the hooks
Slice them up, no one will ever know
But still you smell that smell
And now you're dead since long ago
You better burn in hell

Razor eater
He will never die
Razor eater
He will never die

Razor eater
Razor eater
Razor eater
Attack!! album
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