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Boy Blue - Electric Light Orchestra lyrics

Hey Boy Blue, can't you hear all
the noise.
It's for you, all the town's waiting
Let us go, there's a show like you ain't
seen before.
Welcome home, where you been all
these years.
Look around, all the crowd is in tears.
It's so good to see you in the streets
of your town.

Hey Boy Blue is back.
Hey Boy Blue is back.
Hey Boy Blue is back.
Hey Boy Blue is back.
Hey Boy Blue is back.
Hey Boy Blue is back.

I've see bold knights, dropping
down like flies.
I've see kings, rolling in the mire,
I've seen God, point the finger of
doom to our foes.
I have fought in the holiest wars,
I have smashed, some of the
holiest jaws.
I've been jailed, been impaled, and
been dragged through the world.

One thing, I have learned through
these years,
Is that no man, should be stricken
with fear.
It should be that he walks with no
care in the world.
So my friends, who are gathered
Hear this clear, for I'll not further say,
That no man, shall cause me to take
up arms again.

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