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Don't Dwell - 311 lyrics

Every time I get near your field of gravity
You look so sad to me tell how could that be?
ah- ah she said things I obsess
I would never confess

ah- ah I told her donít dwell
That will leave you in hell

Sometimes things that youíre scorned for
You should be adored for
But like I told her donít dwell

I know my love that I look dilapidated
But are you glad I made it
Can you tell me that much
ah-ah Why are you surprised
I donít take my advice

ah-ah she told me donít dwell
That will leave you in hell

Sometimes I need reminding
Regret is so blinding
But like I told me donít dwell

Everything is a choice
Go ahead raise your voice
Might as well forgive your self
That means more than someone else
Set you free break the shell
To your demons farewell
(Ooh na na na na) I tell you donít dwell
Evolver album
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