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Machine - Vixen lyrics

Suckiní up, suckiní up to hypocrites
Sums up my days
Moviní up, backiní up
Iím like a monkey in a maze
I think a lot but then I donít remember anything
Nobody hears
And I donít even know how I got here
Here in this gray abys
Does anybody really have a chance

I am just a volunteer
I am not an entity
And it amazes me to tears
Alone in your machine
Iím not some faceless pawn
That you can tread upon(3rd chorus: trample on)
No more tears, alone in your machine

Cleaniní up, pickiní up your messes
Is how I survive
You pull the lever to get me started
You keep me running till I donít remember anything
ĎCause I am expandable
Iím sick of liviní like todayís tomorrow
And I wanna step outside
Right into never never land

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