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Cleanse Impure - Napalm Death lyrics

Lyrics : barney greenway music : jesse pintado

Super-power - soup from bloated pyres.
Ultra-pristine - break off a nation, take a bite.

Covet me dearly,
Shaft me completely,
Cleanse me impure 'til the doctrine sticks.

Super-focused - fields of red to dredge.
Ultra-conscious - earmarked devil in your wake.

Covet me dearly,
Shaft me completely,
Cleanse me impure 'til the doctrine sticks.

Might is right to blight
In the just scheme of things.
Bombs for sludge for blood,
(generations) snuffed out on a whim.

Husk of a patriot.
Vapours of a soul blown off.
Husk of a patriot.
Punishment in Capitals [live] album
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