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The World Keeps Turning - Napalm Death lyrics

No way forward or back, in stalemate, we stagnate, life cycle is an =

automation, instinctively, we race to get ahead?
And now our virgin minds are raped. =

Another insignificance to join the rat race.
Self indulgence within our grasp. =

We=B9re taught but torn. =

The sanctity of life, so vulnerable, the world keeps turning - we =

spin out of control.
Guided, or could this mean misguided, no time for questions, =

preoccupied with pressing on, the world keeps turning - we overdose =

on overdrive.
Superior species with inferior ideas. =

We overload our bodies and minds, respect this world while =

committing suicide.
Poison trait. =

We=B9re the cause not the cure, our methods will surly drag us down.
Guided, or could this mean misguided, our virgin minds are raped - =

the world keeps turning - we overdose on overdrive, we spin out of =

control. =

in stalemate, we stagnate
Punishment in Capitals [live] album
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