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Father Baker's - Deicide lyrics

There exists a place of agony
Where children are held captive
Belt across the back, the nuns attack
Believe in god or be beaten to death

Work to earn your keep, no time to sleep
You better know the bible verse
Or go without and die of thirst
Resent your birth - thanks to god!!!!!!!!!!!

At Father Baker's the pain is divine
If you are lucky you'll get out alive

Welcome to terror, you're where you belong
Father is waiting to show you your wrong
Learn early on to behave or you'll die
Live with his torture, no one to confide
Innocence lost by the rage he inflicts
Repent to god or the pain will persist

Kept inside a cage, humiliate
Till Father takes confession
Whipped unmercifully and left to bleed
And by the end to be one with god

Fast you into place, the final phase
Before you meet his maker
Do as you are told or you will go
And then you'll know what is suffering
When Satan Lives album
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