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To Be Dead - Deicide lyrics

Destroy the corpse and release my mind
The secrets contemplate the other side
It won't be long until the death of me
A spirit conscious of reality

To be dead is to always be
Close my eyes and retun to sand
To be dead is to always dream
Coherent thought but unseen by man

Invisible to human sight
The consequences in his afterlife
Across the line from the ignorant
Inside my mind I do not know sin

To be dead is to always be
Open-eyed in a sleeping mind
To be dead is to always dream
I'm prepared for my turn to die

Inflicting sorrow on the enemy
And to everyone who doubted me
My constant presence will torment the soul
As I stand watching in the other world

To be dead is to always be
Untied from the living flesh
To be dead is to always dream
Unforgiven when I meet with death
Once Upon the Cross album
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