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Christ Denied - Deicide lyrics

Congregation congregated in his house of god
Entombed by their almighty savior
Revelations misinterpreted ignite his flame
Removed from the human equation

Retreat to death in burning flesh
His dead disciples and their son of god
Incineration opf their prophecy
Destroyed in failure

You're unannounced and you're unobserved
No longer worshipped in his world
Apocalypse on insanity
Self destruction of hypocrisy

Suffering is yours, no tomorrow
Killed with reason, unbelieved in
In conception, you were warned
Resurrection, christ denied

Congregation immolated with his bastard son
Confused by the rules of engagement
Impregnating you defamated your grace with god
Refused are the gates to salvation
Once Upon the Cross album
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