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Apocalyptic Fear - Deicide lyrics

Wage war with your threats of the lord
Retaliation, attack
Full force of the war machine
You think you hear him calling you back
Kick down the blessed doors to god
We got some killing to do
Scramble little lambs you run
The Devil is coming for you

Intervention, the retreat has begun
Although you're all about to be dead
You in the front, the first to go
I think it was in something you said

You claim to be the son
Your pain for everyone
To heaven disappear
Apocalyptic fear

Perfect the method for an untimely death
The horror you're about to receive
Firestorm, incinerator engaged
You want the sacrifice to be seen
Consequences for your misuse of god
Without the final seal, you are through
Convinced of what has to be done
The end to desperation for you

Insist it's the only way out
The only chance you have to be free
Defend your impeccable lord
Provide you with a passage to leave
Insineratehymn album
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