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Through the Corridors - IQ lyrics

Garden over me, the secret I love most,
God and Man agree to giving up the ghost,
High above the moon, the sun has left the sky,
I would love to know if you're the reason why.
Garden under me, the naked and the dead,
I can still remember everything we said,
Higher, higher now than I have ever been
More than meets the eye than mine have ever seen.
Garden over me, you never know the grief,
Hide this side away to satisfy belief,
I can't stand the agony of nothing new,
When the soft white belly enters into you
I go down
The ribbon wrapped a gun, I blinded everyone,
Collected underground, now I'm up I'm down
It isn't how you lie, it's in the way you're mine,
How was I to know the nerves would overflow?
I want to see you, I want to touch you
I want to feel the breathing changing.
I want to be you, to be inside you,
To pull you under, get you fighting.
Unsodden even the water leaking,
Don't want to hear the widow speaking,
And just to know if there could be something,
You couldn't get that, yeah...
Ah, you fools, don't you see?
He's darker than he's going to be,
The state I'm in, hollow bone,
Diamond hard heart of stone.
Lost in love, senses flown
Diamond hard heart of stone.
Tales From the Lush Attic album
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