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The Magic Roundabout - IQ lyrics

Stop your tears from hiding,
See them mesmerise your skin,
It's all that I can do to keep away from going in,
I fed the ghost of plenty as the perfume turned to grey,
If life is still worth living, how come I feel afraid?

One day, some day, I will take from the air,
The only way out, I can't deny the honesty,
I want to stay but it's more than me

I'm losing all the reason, keep forgetting what I've said,
Oh I try to bring it closer but there's nothing in my head,
I don't believe in ever and I don't believe in now,
If life is still worth living, how come I feel alone?

Suddenly, if it comes then I'm gone
Whey don't you talk to me, see I'm not your enemy?
I am right by your side,
I want to stay but it's more than me.

Each time you go down, don't forget to remember
Everything is easy, most of all believing,
It will take you over, it will bring you down,
It's hidden in the language, it's in the words I say (I say so).

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