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Outer Limits - IQ lyrics

Break out the waters, waiting for anything to come,
Hold on forever, Hell below and Heaven dead ahead,
Don't ever change your way.

Burn down the prison, stay in the balance of the wire,
Hold on forever, only you can turn that lethal level,
I'll keep you safer than sound.

Even the rain won't fall in a straight line:
Take it from me, you'll find that the pulses shine.

I take the strain, let go the millions of us,
The whole divide, it wasn't easy, I want to stay.

"You're not alone, so don't look back,
You better see it's getting black,
You're not alone, surrender now,
You're going to fall in line, you better learn this time":
I'm trying to get there, I'm falling from nowhere.

Nine in a Pond Is Here album
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