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Time Out - D.R.I. lyrics

Time out! time out! for the beginning of the end
Time out! time out! of man's episodes of sin
Time out! time out! glacier melt down overload
Time out! time out! unnatural disasters
Time's up for us mindless beings
It seems we're destroying everything
The jungle, the seas, the forests, the trees
This never-ending need has to cease
The cost is always growing
Animal life loss is overflowing
Our stained shores take devastating scores
As man's black tides roll in
Time out! time out! screaming mother earth
Time out! time out! riddled seas of chemical birth
Time out! time out! for our backyards laced with toxic waste
Time out! time out! extinction is forever, man!
What gives us the right
To kill for ivory in sight?
Makes me sick to see fur jackets and sleeves
When lives were taken for her to please
People, can't we see?
Respect has always been the key
Global warming and pesticides
If the earth goes, we'll all die
Time out! time out! time out!
Time out! time out! time out!
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