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Sucker - D.R.I. lyrics

Ever had one of those days? Argumentative, no incentive
Can't do anything right
I'm trying so hard to analyze and compromise
But there's no solution in sight
Can I live up to your greed? Shopping, buying, spending, lending
I can't give you all you need
What we have here is a complicated situation
Are you listening to me?
You can change your number and your address
Tell your roommates to tell me you left
You can say you went to germany
Or some other foreign country
There's so many fish in the sea
Every time I turn around
There's a pretty girl and I fall for her
Can't help myself, I guess I'm a sucker
There's no way that I can change the pathways
In the dark maze of my mind
I guess I could try, but I'm so lazy
And I just can't find the time
That tall girl answered you door, not too happy, forced a smile
Picking her face with a fork
She said that you had gone bungee jumping or something
Somewhere in upstate new york
Gathered the courage to ask when you left, when you'd be back
In answering, she was slow
Forking her face, she said "left today, back on friday"
But she didn't really know
Scattered fragments of my crushed hope
My cracked, black heart on the floor
When it comes time to pick, up the pieces
I hope that the jigsaw puzzle's complete
You can't have your cake and eat it, too
You think that? You must be high on glue
I told you before, again and again
I'm no different than other men
So my eyes have been known to roam
But they always came back to you
I just want to say that I can't change
And I don't need any help from you
Dreamy days, drunken nights
Acid words, nasty fights
Cheating hear, roaming eye
Lying lips, start to cry
Poison tears, lipstick trace
I've become your disgrace
Jealous love, aching soul
Relationships as a whole
Fall apart over time
And break down

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