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Level 7 - D.R.I. lyrics

Way down here on level 7
So far from the radiation
Push-button soldiers underground
Stationed seven levels down
We're even deeper than the president
We are permanent residents
We're here for the duration
Only we could kill the world
All of us at pb command
We're prepared to make the last stand
We have been provided for
Food and water have been stored
Much deeper than the politicians
Scientists and top technicians
Way down here on level 7
Hiding from the radiation
We've got this to worry about
If there's a leak, there's no way out
There's five thousand feet of rock
That should be enough to block
The side effects brought by our destruction
We can only feel privileged
No word from 1 through 5
Must assume no one left alive
Way down here on level 7
Dying from the radiation
Level 6 reports symptoms
Caused only by radiation sickness
Some of us are feeling ill
Starts with vomiting and chills
No one answers on the radio
The end will surely come, but slowly
Good-bye from all of us
Way down here on level 7

[Lyrics: brecht]
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