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No End - D.R.I. lyrics

Seasons change and they change you
Round you go life, and then there you are
Life is hard, you know the truth
Old age creeps up, robs you of your youth
Through sheer luck we survive
I'm surprised that we're even alive
The sum of all you are
Is all in your mind
There is no fast forward
And there is no rewind
Death will end the game
Now it's time to begin
Another sacred soul
Starting over again
Back and forth you pace your cage
Is all the world a stage?
Bite your tail, climb the walls
Rat race got you by the balls?
Be true to your own views
Put yourself in others' shoes
Don't you worry very much
Nothing matters, there's no end
My head's hollow, no heart of gold
Lost my morals, my conscience is on hold
May the good outshine the bad
Remember all the good times that we had

[Lyrics: brecht]
Full Speed Ahead album
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