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The Trade - D.R.I. lyrics

I'm on a roll
Out of control
Another one night stand
I can't get away
'Cause I'm on display
But I can't see you, man


Smile for the cameras
Smile for the fans
Sign their records
And shake their hands
Try to stay healthy
Try to get laid
Make it to the show
That's the trade [2]

I sleep all day
On the freeway
On the bus between each gig
I'm making my living
Singing my songs
Doing my thing, dig

I had a dream
So I made some plans
Things have a way of working out
I found a few people
And formed a band
Taught myself to shout


Write down stuff
You feel strongly about
Others may feel the same
And before you know it
You might be a big star
And everyone will know your name

When you learn the trade
And you're on display
Everyone knows that name
Everyone knows our name
Everyone knows my name
Thrash Zone album
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