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This Ain't No Disco - Voodoo Glow Skulls lyrics

we're illegal, street lethal do it like we can
introducing your sould to the new glow of the
voodoo glow skulls band we can't be wrong
and we won't take no shit if you don't like it it
goes like this......... neighbors pick up the
phone and call the police because we'er too
loud and we might scare their niece if we're
too loud then leave the building run away to
mommy like little children call the cops we're
too loud oh run to mommy because there's a
crowd look at his hair, it isn't punk hey man
this ain't no disco we love to shake, rattle and
roll but if the crowd is slow we'll just go home
people understand and we come to play we break
the rules so you will stay
Baile de Los Locos album
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