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Elephantitis - Voodoo Glow Skulls lyrics

I'm a member of the drunk tank
Sometimes three days a week
I'm a member of the drunk tank
There's room reserved for me
Happy hour every hour seven days a week
Drinking is my game and I do it sociably
Every night the same old thing
I get behind the wheel
I'm gonna stop at every bar until I get my fill
Something's wrong I'm waking up
Out on the concrete floor
Hey, excuse me officer
Will you show me to the door
I'll pay a fine and promise never again
And if I lose my job
I'll be drinking by profession
I'll never drink again
Lose my license for a year
Is part of the consequence
Then enroll in A.A.
With all my drinking friends
It doesn't matter, it's OK
There's no need for regrets
Because I know in no time
That I'll be drinking again
Baile de Los Locos album
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