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Method to This Madness - Voodoo Glow Skulls lyrics

my girl she supports me and that's not supposed to be
when she starts to fight with me she knows that I can't win
sometimes she believes in me and gives me a big kiss
then, sometimes she doesn't I start to get real pissed
I wrote her this love letter
but she don't know how to read
it happens once a month we get into a fight
arguing in circles and not knowing who's wrong or right
tempers start flaring and articles start to fly
she has all her friends convinced that I'm a crazy guy
when it's time to walk alone-
the feeling hits me in the place
that place that only she can touch
not just any pretty face
she's a queen and doesn't even know this
ruling that kingdom in my heart
when I'm gone and running with the devil
she'll be at home waiting patiently
they always come back
he's jumped on the one way track
and there ain't no coming back
should have thought before you leapt
now you're on a crusade to avoid your death
the second time through you've gotta go feet first
just remember to hold your breath
they always come back
after the storm you'd better hold on tight
because you never know when you'll have to fight
get on the good foot and stay in check
because in the end they always come back
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