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They Always Come Back - Voodoo Glow Skulls lyrics

I want to know your definition
it seems you have a lot to say
you come up with all those questions
who made you the expert anyway
and now they want to cut us off
because they say we've changed from yesterday
what ever happened to the good ole' days
you'd go to a show, shut up and pay
we admit we're ignorant
but do you think we give a shit
if they want to see us play
all the kids will have to pay
we've been on tour since 1988
travel around from coast to coast
friendly faces always come and go
and all the purists don't participate
way back when we started all this fuss
no one cared or even gave a fuck
and all these modern critics of today
were in their pampers, we were getting paid
The Band Geek Mafia album
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