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The Devil Made Me Do It - Voodoo Glow Skulls lyrics

"I’m the bad apple that ruined it for the tree
Always getting blamed and claiming not me.
Just fifteen and a menace to society
Not for a second, thinking of what’s in store for me
It’s not my nature to act this way
I guess I’ve never thought about it
A young man tryin’ to get his today
But first, I guess I have hell to pay…

The Devil Made Me Do it

I used to rob from my mom and dad just to get a bag
Then I’d smoke it all and laugh
Stealing from my mom’s purse
To stupid to realize it’s me that’s going to hurt
A young ,dumb, full of cum kid livin’ out the definition of sin.
Got no tact, got no sense.
Now it’s time to pay the consequence…

As I got older I didn’t stop
Baggin’ every house on my block
Until one of my friend’s got caught
I remember wondering if the dime was gonna drop
My parent’s were always in shock
Especially when they searched my room and found the ziplock
Checking my eye’s everyday
And when they asked if I was high
This is what I’d say….."
Symbolic album
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