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Silencer - Voodoo Glow Skulls lyrics

Roll your sleeves up
Put up your dukes
The time has come for
Us to speak the truth
It never hits you until you realize
You've been victimized in front of your family's eyes
It's getting really sad
How now you have to fear the man
I just can't understand
Why they shot up her sedan

Public outrage
A community speaks
The justice system
Has just sprung a leak
Public figures are marching in the streets
Standing their ground against corrupt police
It's getting really sad
how now you have to fear the man
Let's burn em with the klu klux klan

The color skin
Skin to win
Becomes an issue
It becomes a sin
Everybody's focused on race
intense criticism settles in
it's getting really sad how now you have to fear the man
Four white officers kill a black woman
Symbolic album
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