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Voodoo Anthem - Voodoo Glow Skulls lyrics

Wake up everybody, it only happens once a year
Jerry's getting naked and there's mayhem in the air!
Bring your favorite homies, and your lil' sister too
The local club's got voodoo and we all know what to do!

Ren-dez-voodoo! (who do voo doo we doo, fuck you!!)

Iremember way back, back in 1989
I used to see you play at the Hong Kong, in the back!
Now that i'm much older, my nephew likes you too
I brought him to the concert just to get your autograph

Everybody's going loco, acting like a clown
Trying to contain themselves and not act like a fool
We don't bring no haircuts, no suits or attitude
Just our cheeky money and our firme tunes

Ren-dez-voodoo! (who do voo doo we doo, fuck you!!) x2

Representers in the front, all the dissers in the back
They came to see the opener cuz we're too old and fat
Mommies and daddies are waiting in the car
It's another late night and we're playing after hours

Older chicks don't like us because we play too fast
The younger ones admire us cuz we remind them of their dads
Alchoholics at the bars are feeling lonesome too
They were all backstage and drank up all our brew!
Steady as She Goes album
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