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Loose Tongue - Neil Finn lyrics

Remember my loose tongue
Forget what I just said
I'd crawl over broken glass
If we could start again
Before our plans were made
When the world was young
The house is falling down
Because of my loose tongue
Shouldn't say so much
Shouldn't talk so loud
No sooner on your lips
Than it's all over town
In all our given days
How many gone to waste
A good man has been hung
Because of my loose tongue
Your skin is changing its hue
Your guard is coming down fast
Looks like someone I knew
Uncovered happiness at last
All the wagging tongues
Too much information
In the future now
Under massive doubt
The papers on the street
Get trampled under feet
And they settled for a princely sum
Goodwill is coming down
And when it rains
Your well is full
Try Whistling This album
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